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Tertius Maree Associates is a firm of attorneys specialising in Sectional Title and related formats. Even though we are located in Stellenbosch we provide services all over South Africa including the following:
  • Legal opinions or advice
  • Drafting of new rules and constitutions
  • Recovery of arrear levies
  • Dispute resolution
  • Training of trustees and managing agents
This website is an online service for everyone interested in sectional title development, ownership, or management. Its objectives are to:

Make information available to all stakeholders.


Provide a full spectrum of specialised services related to the industry.


Encourage and facilitate communication within the industry.


Stimulate interest in sectional title affairs through participation in MCS Courier, a monthly newsletter about sectional titles.


Contribute towards improved standards of service delivery within the industry.


Facilitate the establishment of a National Sectional Title Owner's Association.


Promote the Interests of sectional title owners generally.




The traditional procedure followed by most attorneys, is to 'chase processes' i.e to issue summonses and to follow up with further court processes as quickly as possible in order to generate maximum fees. That is not what we do.

We have found from many years' experience that -

  • persons owing money usually only start taking matters seriously when contacted by an attorney, knowing that the attorney can 'take them to court';

  • the best way to achieve payment is by continuous personal contact;

  • if matters are explained to a debtor in a reasonable and understandable manner, they are usually amenable to entering into a payment arrangement; and

  • if the matter is conducted by personal contact and payment arrangements, it is seldom necessary to go as far as issuing a summons, taking judgment and executory steps.
Our contacts with debtors are mostly resolved by formal payment arrangements and, if possible, putting debit orders in place.

Core Values

We are known for our effective problem solving methods and personal service attuned to the needs of our clients.

You may expect from us:


High standards, commitment and personal attention


Flexibility to adapt to clients' needs


Sensible reporting


Practical and specialist solutions


Fair fees structure


Effective recovery of levies

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Tel:+27 (0)21 851 0359


Unit 12, Second Floor, Paardevlei Specialist Medical Centre, Gardner Williams Avenue, de Beers Precinct, Somerset West, 7137

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